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Joachim Nolten

A full-stack developer based in The Netherlands.

  • 7+ years Ruby, Javascript and others
  • Experienced team and project lead
  • Extensive operations experience
  • [email protected] / @stiller


After owning and operating a webhosting company for ten years, I decided I preferred building things. So I learned some Ruby and I started over as a developer. A couple of years later, I joined Blendle as their fifth developer. I helped create and scale their micro-transaction system, which processess tens of milions of transactions per year.

In my second year I was in charge of running the core backend service and responsible for migrating our systems to Amazon Webservices. After the migration was complete and brief stint as part of the data science team, I decided to move on. After two years, seeing the company grow from a handful to 70 employees, it was time for a change.


I help companies get new products out the door. The past year, I've take over lead development responsibilities for Zerocopter, build an Ember dashboard tool for Leaplines and a minimum viable product for Cashrocket using mostly Rails and plain Javascript.

I've spent what little time I have left co-founding Snooty Software with my old Blendle buddy Lucas. Recently, we launched our first service: Textractor.

I like challenging, complex projects. I prefer data-driven projects and creating tools, but I don't shy away from the odd UI challenge.


Let's cut to the chase

  • Rails
  • Sinatra
  • React
  • Ember
  • Webpack
  • Sass/Less
  • Bootstrap, Materialize, Bourbon
SQL, Bash, Go, Elixir, Elm, some C, some parsing
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Terraform, Rancher
Cloud platforms
  • AWS
  • Openstack
  • Azure
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